Madam Brew Moka Pot Gift Box
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Madam Brew Moka Pot Gift Box

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Want that café style espresso at home – Now you can with the Moka Pot. It’s easy and it’s fast!! This Moka Pot is a classic stovetop espresso maker. To make espresso, you only need coffee, water and a stove.

This Moka pot is designed to force water vapor through ground coffee to produce Italian espresso in minutes. With air and coffee oils interacting with this intensity, a velvety crema forms a layer atop the rich espresso.

You can take your coffee to the next level by making yourself a latte or flat white with the optional Milk Frother.


This box includes the following:

  • 1 x Moka Pot Express – size 3 cup
  • 1 X Coffee Grinder
  • 1 X 250gm Jamster Coffee Beans
  • 2 x Espresso ceramic cups with saucers
  • *Optional Extra – Milk Frother

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