One Christmas, I was looking for thoughtful gifts for family and friends. I had friends working in the coffee industry at the time, so I asked them if they knew where I could buy all things coffee-related. I was hopeful that there would be one place I could visit, a coffee Mecca of sorts, without having to go here, there and everywhere – or spend hours trawling the internet for each item. Unfortunately, I learned that there was “nowhere, really”, and that I would just have to hit the shops one by one.

As I was hunting through shops looking for that perfect gift I noticed other coffee lovers experiencing exactly what I was feeling – frustration! Having to go in and out of shops searching to only walk out empty handed or spending hours online having to buy from several sites.

That Christmas I brought my gifts from a range of shops and started creating my gift boxes. The look of delight from family and friends that received these boxes I knew that Madam Brew was born.


So have you ever received a gift and thought "Ah, you really shouldn’t have..."? Ever said this?

Wait, did someone say it to YOU? 

Madam Brew is the opposite of that:

Top-quality, USEFUL, locally-sourced wherever possible gifts that coffee lovers all over the world are wanting, craving and needing (even if they don’t realise it). 

You no longer have to search store after store for that perfect gift for your loved ones, for your bestie, for that person at work that you always forget their name, your Boss, your neighbors, your children’s teacher or sports coach, but let’s be real:

Now that you have found Madam Brew you will stimulate their senses every time.

Madam Brew all our gifts are carefully hand-packaged here in South Australia.


Life's too short for bad coffee.

We are a proud supporter of Brand SA.